One in five Canadians provides or will provide eldercare to a parent in need, and as baby boomers age, this number is likely to grow.
In the natural course of life, our parents do grow old.  When their health begins to fail, many adult children are unprepared to deal with the multitude of issues that may arise.  
What should you expect when caring for your elderly parents?
Should your parents stay at home, or move to assisted living?
Who should you ask for help when you need it?  What about your siblings and the different ideas you all may have.
That is why we at Cornerstone can help walk you through the process of determining  what care is available.
With our guidance you can be ensured you're providing the best care possible for your loved ones.
Give us a call.  We would love to have a chat, hear your story and help assist and guide you at this special time. 
11/17/2016Cornerstone Community Care Ottawa helps assist caregivers
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