Our mother is 91 years old in failing health.  She has lived alone in a retirement assisted living apartment building for 15 years.  She has needed help in the last year.  Increasingly, she has needed help getting up in the morning, preparing meals, going to the bathroom and going to bed at night.
Cornerstone Community Care Ottawa has been a blessing to our family in coordinating the activities of all the different people and organizations who are helping our mother since becoming ill.  They learned our mother's ways quickly and have anticipated pattern changes as her mobility and cognitive abilities have decreased.  Carolyn has acted as our mother's advocate with the world outside her apartment:  building management, billing medical services, managing mail, managing consumables and communicating with relatives.  It seems like Carolyn understands our mothers life better than our mother does, which has been a godsend as our mother's mental facilities decline.  Our mother has said, what she values most about Carolyn is that she feels Carolyn has shown genuine affection for her and it means something when Carolyn gives her a kiss or a hug.  Our mother trusts Carolyn.
What we value most about Carolyn is her judgement and experience.  Carolyn performs her job of managing our mothers affairs competently and is always easy to deal with.  She knows when new things coming up are normal and when it is time to be alarmed; she takes on new issues before they become problems; and does a good job of keeping the rest of the family in the loop.  We trust Carolyn.
We can highly recommend Carolyn to any family needing help in caring for their loved ones.
A & G Stretton 

Cornerstone Community Care Ottawa provided my mother-in-law, Val, with exceptional care while she was a resident in the Alzheimer unit of an Ottawa retirement home. Carolyn accompanied Val to concerts, exercise classes, strolls in nearby parks,shopping trips and church services. She helped to normalize life for Val and quickly became friend and advocate. Carolyn also helped our family to understand Alzheimer and how we could best support Val. When Val was hospitalized for a fractured pelvis, Cornerstone Community Care Ottawa provided her with daily care in the hospital. We felt incredibly fortunate to have Carolyn's reassuring presence through the last days of Val's life. We highly recommend Cornerstone Community Care Ottawa to anyone needing assistance to remain in their home or requiring additional support in a retirement or nursing home.

Thank you Carolyn for your generosity, humour and wisdom.

The Riley Family